15:0015:30 27. Feb 2023
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Reddy, Pet…Co! The Importance of Creating a Brand Presence and Facilitating Immersive Design
How to teach an old dog new tricks – re-energizing your brand with experiential design

When Rick Neira of Petco, Daniel Montaño of Little, and their teams were challenged with launching a flagship store for Reddy, Petco’s premium lifestyle brand for adventurous pups, they went all-in with an experiential, immersive design for Reddy’s first brick-and-mortar expression. Going beyond the storefront, they even created a scented trail of dog-friendly stickers along the streets of New York City’s SoHo neighborhood on opening day to lead happy dogs—and their curious owners—to Reddy SoHo. The result was dog (and brand!) heaven.  In this in-depth session, you’ll go behind the scenes to discover how they did it, why experiential design is so important to today’s consumer, and how you can unleash the power of unique marketing and advertising to get everyone barking about your next launch! More information