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16:0016:20 18. Feb 2020
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Retail Technology Stage

Rethink Retail

Rethinking Retail: Retailers are breaking the mold and finding innovative solutions thanks to cross-industry adoption and rethinking of innovative technology. IoT, AI and Intelligent Connectivity are bringing seismic change on a global scale and it’s coming from the trends in transformative tech across several different industries all at once. Learn what is happening in the retail industry and how various companies are adapting to the fast-moving shifts in social, cultural, technology and consumer expectations. / Companies are rethinking customer experiences to keep up with the pace of changing consumer behavior. To accelerate these initiatives, they are hacking emerging tech and looking outside their industries for innovation and inspiration. In the next 18 months, AI, 5G, intelligent connectivity and breakthroughs in emerging tech will open up new opportunities for seismic change on a global scale, transforming several different industries all at once. This session will help brands + retailers look outside their own industry for new opportunities in disruptive innovation.