14:4015:00 26. Feb 2023
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Retail Technology Stage

Sensoric for a secure, stationary Self-Checkout System (SCO)

Stationary self-checkouts (SCO) are always individual configurations with handling areas of different sizes, which are adapted to the respective market conditions in order to pay yourself for different shopping basket sizes with smaller quantities of items. With this concept, the number of cash registers and thus the throughput in the checkout for payment can be increased without higher personnel costs. The individuality can go so far that in a supermarket every stationary self-checkout has a certain specific set-up. To ensure that the market is exited correct, securely and without manipulation, a number of cross checks are required, which can be carried out with suitable sensors. Process steps can be tracked and monitored using sensors that can detect, measure, track, count and specifically identify (Opt. ID/RFID). The technical possibilities for this field of stationary self-checkouts (SCO) are described by using application examples.