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11:0011:20 19. Feb 2020
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Retail Technology Stage

Simplifying Retail Operations: Applying Retail Best Practice & Innovation to the Hospitality Industry

Reflexis is leading the way for creating simple and efficient store operations, these best practices are now being used by the hospitality industry to consistently deliver an excellent customer experience. While most industries share the same issues surrounding the need to streamline operations while prioritising customer service, few consider approaching these issues with a fresh perspective. UK hotel chain Travelodge understood that their disruptive, cutting edge and industry-leading plans required more flexibility than traditional hospitality task management suppliers could offer, that’s why they turned to Reflexis.

• Putting the focus back on providing memorable customer experiences that build brand loyalty.
• Overcoming compliance issues surrounding paper-based systems to simplify processes.
• Uncover why empowering your employees is essential if you want to future-proof your organisation.
• Developing a business case to address softer commercial benefits of task management.