14:0014:30 26. Feb 2023
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Store Design Stage

Store Design Process for a Phygital experience: Vans Europe POP UP store

In this session, James Damian, Chief Strategic Design and Paolo Tiani, Project Manager  of Grottini - a leading Italian company for retail and general contracting will show how the store design process can be influenced by a customer phygital experience. When developing a store concept, it is therefore essential not to think in separate digital and physical worlds.  

In this years, retailers that have taken advantage of virtual reality projects have seen a crucial growth in the engagement of their visitors. These same visitors tend to purchase more than visitors who do not interact with the phygital environment.  The phygital world opens up to us, infinite possibilities, new places to be created inside existing places that mutate, change shape and meaning. Phygital’ experiences are what forward-thinking retailers are aspiring to achieve.

With an excting POP UP store projects, Grottini’s speakers will demonstrate how store design ideation is strictly linked to the new Retail Phygital strategies.