11:2011:40 02. Mar 2023
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Connected Retail-Stage

The 3 Tiers of ROI in Moving to Item-Level RFID

As the digital world continues to become further ingrained into daily consumer life, and ecommerce continues to boom, the lines between online and offline sales channels are only increasingly blurred. Today’s consumer demands flexibility in a post-pandemic environment - and that extends to their shopping habits. With some making purchases exclusively online, others choosing to visit in-store, and a number of consumers now using both sales channels - such as buy online, pick-up in-store (BOPIS) - retailers that can’t deliver a seamless omnichannel experience are now at a significant disadvantage.
As a result, a number of retailers are turning to technology in order to provide a high quality customer experience, and item-level RFID is one solution that is both improving customer experiences and delivering genuine long-term return on investment. The technology allows retailers to gain greater management, visibility, and control of their inventory, which can lead to drastic operational improvements.
In this session, Maxime Blanc, Solution Business Development, EMEA at SML RFID, will discuss at length and provide examples of the ROI that retailers experience when moving to item-level RFID.