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16:0016:20 16. Feb 2020
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Retail Technology Stage

The Fiscal Interface Standardization Project Status in OMG - “UnifiedPOS v2 Fiscal API”

The new fiscal laws are just popping up: Austria, France and now even Germany. The other countries are just changing the law: Romania, Slovak Republic, Italy, Poland and others.
International retailers are forced to invest huge amounts of money, efforts and resources in order to adapt their POS applications and to follow all those laws.
These investments can be dramatically reduced if we would have international standard for fiscal devices. One interface to any fiscal device or even for all those fiscal laws would be the best solution.
OMG is heavily working on definition of such standard. It is part of UnifiedPOS and there are clear and planed steps when it will be published.
Get an update of the project and plan your implementations accordingly.