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15:0015:30 17. Feb 2020
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Retail Designers Stage

The Future of the Store: Experience is Bigger than Design

If you think you are in the business of selling products, think again: customers aren’t buying it. Opportunities created by digital innovation and the sharing economy mean brands must find value that lies beyond putting things on shelves. People are drawn to experiences that delight; ones that build a genuine connection, create meaning and spark a desire to discover more.

With today’s consumers losing interest at the drop of a hat, retailers must continually monitor and evolve their brand experience. Innovations from global retailers across fashion, beauty, sportswear and telecoms are creating big-impact experiences in-store that we’ve never seen before – look at Galleries Lafayette and Walmart. The physical store design must evolve from a place for purchasing, to become the epicentre of the brand experience.

So what type of experience are your customers are looking for? Do you know how to gauge your customers’ expectations of experience in your sector, your markets?  Are your customers looking for an Arena? A Boudoir? Or maybe a Magic Carpet?

Through decades of successful global design projects, FITCH has identified 12 distinct ‘Experience Themes’ – each with its own unique set of emotions and characteristics. These themes embody the four fundamental human needs (Comfort, Belonging, Progress and Independence). The Experience Themes are mapped against BrandZ, the largest consumer opinion database on brands in the world, to give insight into what 650,000 people in 31 countries want from brands globally.

Tim Greenhalgh, Chief Creative Officer at FITCH, will take the audience through a step-by-step adventure in brand experience and how its working with brands such as LEGO, Nestlé, adidas and L’Oréal.