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16:4017:00 18. Feb 2020
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The rise of business messaging

Messaging is developing rapidly as a customer engagement and contact channel : Consumers want to communicate with businesses exactly like with their friends and family and the GAFAs are quickly adapting to this by moving into the business messaging market as exemplified by the launch of WhatsApp for Business and Apple Business Chat in 2018 and Google RCS in 2019. Among customer journey steps, the first to experience this trend was customer service : Messaging already represents 20% of total customer contacts for some tech forward brands and retailers and is expected to double in the coming 2 years. It’s steadily replacing traditional channels such as phone and email : Not only does messaging offer a much more convenient customer experience to consumers, it can also be cheaper than traditional channels for companies with the use of chatbots and other intelligent automation tools.With messaging’s premise of offering the most convenient customer experience by being « always on » in your consumers’ mobile devices, its rise in business applications is only starting and the effects on the market will be far-reaching.