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The virtues of space

Just a few years ago we went to a shoe shop to buy new shoes. We went to a bookstore to get a new novel and went to a branch of our local bank to get cash or make a bank transfer. Today we are regular customers of Zalando and Amazon and use bank apps to handle our financial affairs. But the central question is: Are the shops becoming memories of the past? The answer is simple: No!

Stores and all kinds of physical spaces will be the brand and revenue driver of the future. Therefore, they must play a decisive role in business communication. Because only communication in real space has the power to put your customers at the centre. Spaces like shops or offices will never cease to exist, because we will never cease to exist. Nevertheless, we need a change in awareness: rooms are much more than facility management or architecture - they are live communication.

Vera Viehöfer:

EREIGNISHAUS - Agentur für Live-Marketing - Director Live-Marketing

Authorized signatory geno kom advertising agency

FAMAB board of directors, international

Lecturer International School of Management, Cologne