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12:0012:30 16. Feb 2020
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Retail Marketing Stage

User experience as a success factor - measurability and new approaches for digital touchpoints

User Experience (UX) is one of the most important success factors in the B2B & B2C environment. Measuring true user experience has always been one of the biggest challenges in digital marketing - until now, it has been very costly, time-consuming and can only be effectively realized in a small environment.

In practice, this suddenly means making the overall experience (UX) of all people using a product such as a website or application measurable for customers, especially with regard to how easy or pleasant it is to use and against what background (where the access point comes from).

Measuring, understanding and improving this UX is directly related to the increase in conversion, which is not only a very efficient but also a particularly sustainable success factor.

The real challenge lies in the complexity, the actual answer to the question why and how customers behave and the right interaction of employees, software solutions, knowledge and downstream processes.

This presentation will address the challenges and provide answers to new implementation possibilities.