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11:4012:00 18. Feb 2020
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Retail Technology Stage

From OnPremise to the Cloud! Discover your future with SAP operating models

Companies are currently facing the challenge of migrating their SAP systems to HANA by 2025. Therefore, they are looking for future-proof operating models. These operating models have to be consistent and deliver everything from OnPremise IT to Cloud solutions. Fujitsu and NetApp provide just that: We were able to help one of our joint customers from the retail space mitigate this challenge by providing an end-to-end solution support. As a result, operating costs could be cut by more than 25 %. By combining the PRIMEFLEX for SAP approach with consistent solution support and our expertise in SAP HANA and Linux, Fujitsu and NetApp could implement a completely new consistent operating model. In addition, cloud usage could be supported to a greater extent, and the infrastructure could be simplified significantly. Would you like to learn more? Join our live session at the EuroShop 2020.