16:0016:20 01. Jun 2022
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Connected Retail-Stage

How to drive sales and profit and support cross-channel initiatives with the help of IoT shelf analytics

It is no secret that avoiding out-of-stocks has a positive impact on sales and profit. But how can a brand avoid OOS effectively when it does not control nor manage shelf availability? How can a retail HQ ensure OOS are reduced to the minimum at their individual stores? And what else can a retailer or a brand do with the help of IoT sensing technology – not only at the physical shelf, but also in view of cross-channel efforts? During this joint presentation, we look behind the scenes of what tangible benefits smart shelf technology can contribute to the bottom line of brands and retailers alike. We present real-life data from existing applications, take a look at the technology and demonstrate how the gained data is being utilised with the help of the Microsoft Azure backbone. We look at how to measure the benefits such as % growth of sales, cross- and upselling effects, shrinkage reduction and permanent inventory, but also about the impact of personalised marketing and merchandising at the shelf.