Kenneth B. Madsen

Advansor A/S, Business Development Director

Events with Kenneth B. Madsen:

Kenneth B. Madsen, today 44 years old, started as a mechanical engineer before he decided to work with natural refrigerants at the Danish technological institute in the department of heat pumps and refrigeration from 2001 until 2008. After eleven years at Danfoss as an application expert on food retail and CO2, he has entered the Danish CO2 refrigeration system manufacturer Advansor in 2018 as Director of Business Development. He is described as “frontrunner” when it comes to trends in the field of CO2 technologies.

“I have been working with transcritical since 2001, first in laboratories after 2007, when HFC’s were banned in Denmark, I started to work in real applications such as supermarkets and industrial applications as well. At Advansor I am trying to set the direction for transcritical CO2 systems moving into a future without high GWP refrigerants.” K. B. Madsen.