Han Leenhouts

Events with Han Leenhouts:

Full time Exhibition and Sales Trainer and founder off Sales & Pepper.

Every day he crawls into the skin of exhibitors or even in the skin of the visitors of exhibitions or other live-events. This shows the immense possibilities of livecomm but also the most common shortcomings: Human Behaviour. Why do we act so funny if we want results but for real act so counter-productive? Why did Han start in this area?

Stand builder

After more than 10 years working for a stand building company, in which he serviced more than 1000 companies to exhibitions success. And during which time he also attended shows both in Europe, the US and Asia. He had people turning their back to livecomm. It was not worthwhile and all was based on gutfeeling. Looking at their behaviour Han discovered the so called “whole” in the market = Stand behaviour training & coaching.


He took all this experience into Sales & Pepper.

Training exhibitors in effective show performance and helping organisers with training programs in order to educate their clients...the exhibitors.

And training sales-teams around the globe to perform better

Leenhouts has been training in 37 countries for Sales & Pepper: Azerbaijan, Albania, Armenia, Austria, Brazil, Bolivia, Belarus, Belgium, Canada, Colombia, Dubai, Denmark, Egypt, Ecuador, England, Finland, France, Germany, Georgia, Indonesia, Italy, India, Japan, Moldova, Netherlands, Norway, US, Ukraine, Peru, Pakistan, Russia, Sweden, Serbia, Switzerland, South Africa, Spain, Vietnam.

*He is now a columnist for several websites and magazines on exhibitions

*He has been on national television with a programme on exhibitions

*He has made internet films for the Rai, Jaarbeurs Utrecht on exhibitions, stand behaviour.

*He has written a book “Peppertalk” on participating in exhibitions. (6000 copies sold . Just out now his second book Peppertalk 2.0 with 224-icebreakers for exhibitions ( 18.000 copies sold )

*He is a speaker for IFES on a year to year basis

*He is speaker for UFI /EDPA ( US ) / AOE ( UK )/ and several European organisers exhibitions

*He worked for Organisations like C.B.I. ( Sme coaching for trade shows ( pre -show and live/ BSO capacity building)

SIPPO ( Sme coaching for trade shows ( pre -show and live/ BSO capacity building)

IPD ( BSO capacity building)

Eastinvest ( Cpapacity building sessions

Usaid ( Trade show trainings in Eastern Europe )


As a trainer and keynote speaker Han can be characterised with the following words:


Authentic, Humour, Drive, Empathy, Direct ( and he used to be a DJ ( 80’ties music ))