Joachim Bartz

Carrier Kältetechnik Deutschland GmbH, Product Manager Mechanical Systems

Events with Joachim Bartz:

Joachim Bartz joined Carrier in 2001 and has since then actively taken part in the success of CO2 (R744) as a natural refrigerant for commercial and industrial applications.

“With CO2OLtec, Carrier’s transcritical CO2 range, we were so far very successful in cold and mild climates. Last year we have launched CO2OLtec EVO, an energy efficient generation of transcritical CO2 systems. Thanks to our modulating vapor ejector-technology, we can provide attractive energy savings even versus the 1st generation and we have eliminated the CO2-equator in addition. We can now use our high-efficiency CO2OLtec EVO technology across Europe regardless of the climate conditions.”

Joachim is working as Product Manager Mechanical Systems. He holds a Master in Chemical Engineering from University Karlsruhe, Germany.

Prior to joining Carrier, Joachim worked as a project-engineer for HEINKEL, a manufacturer of process equipment for the pharmaceutical industry.