Julian Kurz

Mondu GmbH, Chief Commercial Officer

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Julian joined Mondu in 2022 and is responsible for all customer and partner related teams and activities. His main goal is to establish Mondu’s Buy-Now-Pay-Later solutions for B2B in our target markets Germany, Austria, Netherlands and UK and to serve both merchants and buyers, providing new payment options and flexibility.

Prior to Mondu Julian spent seven years at VMware, a leading provider for cloud-software, most recently as Head of Enterprise and member of the company’s EMEA Management team. Another career stage was his time at the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) where Julian served as Partner und Managing Director, working with customers primarily in high-tech, software and IT services. Initially he had started his professional career in Silicon Valley where we co-founded two start-up ventures.

Julian has a background as an industrial engineer and MBA; his studies include degrees from KIT in Karlsruhe, from Stanford University and from Harvard Business School.