Ken Albright


Inspired by paper parasols found during my travels in Northern Thailand, I founded SEVEN CONTINENTS and began developing fabric, decorative parasols using intricate designs. The visual industry took notice and my visual merchandising career began. Building on the momentum, SEVEN CONTINENTS shifted its focus to creating proprietary products using indigenous, sustainable materials and techniques from these locales. We had barely broken into the Canadian market when America beckoned. Bloomingdale’s bought in, and Saks Fifth Avenue followed. We were in business and were a hit! We discovered the NADI Visual Merchandising and Store Design show, and booked the last available space … Fast forward 20 years, 1998, we had 250 staff in Toronto and sales of $35 million and I sold the company.


In 2003, we repurchased SEVEN CONTINENTS, and rebooted with a new manifesto - An experienced on-shore/off-shore manufacturing company “driven by design”.


SEVEN CONTINENTS supported PAVE, and Fashion Week and is dedicated to nurturing visual merchandising students, fashion designers, and artists. With over 100 staff in Toronto, we are chameleons. We invent new proprietary products, using exotic and often unexpected materials, create custom branded visuals for our clients, and connect fashion and architecture to store design. SEVEN CONTINENTS is on a mission to make retailers see the green in mannequins and form