Leo van de Polder

Shop!, Global Development Director

Events with Leo van de Polder:

With over 38 years working experiences in national and international Food & Non- food Retail

22 years at Retail companies

Specialty stores, Family companies, Chains and Department stores.

Marketing, Sales, Category, Concept development  and Design.

9 years at Creative agencies

Identity, Brand, Formula, Concepting, to and In-store communication and Design

Shopper insights & to and In-store Execution

7 years at Popai Benelux, part of The Global association for Marketing at Retail

And since 2015 Leo is working for Shop!

Co author/publications

Book Instore ABC

Book Shopper Insights

Columns in Magazines

Linkedin; https://www.linkedin.com/in/leo-van-de-polder-54050a12/detail/recent-activity/posts/


National & International speaker, at Conferences, Events, Companies, Universities and Business schools

Recognized business leader in Retail Communication, by SBB the Organization for Vocational Education and the Labour market SBB is funded by the Dutch Ministry of Education.