Dr. Mohd Alaa

Coneva GmbH, Head of Sales & Marketing

Events with Mohd Alaa:

Dr.  Alaa Mohd is a recognized expert in the Energy and Utilities industry with over 15 years of international experience in new technology development, Product launching and Innovation.  This includes Power Systems, Energy and Environment, Renewable Energy and Smart Grid.   After graduation in smart grid and decentralized renewable energy integration.  He specialized in Solar, Energy Storage and Energy management.  Before joining coneva in 2018, he served in various management roles with leading global energy companies such as Panasonic, Schneider Electric, Delta Power Solutions, and Danfoss.

At coneva Dr. Mohd works with many colleagues on offering a holistic approach and new business models to Energy Management through Hardware and intelligent software and applications to unleash efficiency and productivity. This includes Smart Building Solutions Solar PV Solutions, EV Charging, Battery Storage and Demand Response.