Sophie Frères

LISA (Retail Innovation GmbH)

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Sophie Frères (née Spethmnn)

Co-Founder and CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER at LiSA (Retail Innovation GmbH)

LiSA is a plug-and-play live stream shopping software for E-commerce

•Senior Advisor Innovation at Underwood Consulting
•Co-founder & MD of Barbara Frères DIGITAL GmbH – Building digital strategy and channels
•10 years at Metro Group, last job in Innovation department                            
•Focus: Customer Experience Innovation & development of new, digital business models
•Before: Business Development, In-house Consulting/Auditing, Brand Management and Procurement
•MBA at WHU – Thesis on Online Strategies for Luxury Brands
•BSc in Management and Systems at City University, London
•Certificate in Business Excellence at Columbia University, New York          
•Focus: Strategy, Innovation und Digital Marketing
•Member of  International Women‘s Forum