Thierry Poiret

Matelex, European sales manager

Events with Thierry Poiret:

Thierry POIRET has been involved in the air conditioning and Refrigeration business for more than 20 years. Starting as a compressor engineer in Danfoss, he managed later different projects in industrialization, in the organization, or for new product developments in the same company. Based on his background, he achieved a referee position for supporting large OEM’s major projects (like Carrier, Daikin, JCI), worldwide. Later, in Tecumseh Europe, he developed the DC compressor business for embedded applications, solar applications, and data centers. He is now in charge of business and sales development for Matelex, a company developing indirect refrigerant leak detection and energy management solutions for the industry 4.0. He is a mechanical engineer and is graduated with a master's II in thermodynamics and applied mathematics.