Tobias Siltmann

hokona GmbH, General Manager / Senior Berater

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Let’s face it: everyone in retail wants to cash in on smart solutions, but the implementation of new Customer checkout processes seems to be difficult to most people.
Tobias Siltmann, describing himself as SAP Customer Checkout Ambassador, is focusing on making the Implementation easy – integrating it perfectly into your backend and end-to-end processes.
Having worked in the field of process optimization in business management, he realized the potential of SAP Customer Checkout immediately when he got in touch with it first ten years ago.
As a man of vision for entrepreneurial Transformation and deep product Know-How he successfully established projects and partnerships in CCO, leading to the foundation of the hokona GmbH. As its General Manager, he now promotes the development of smart additional solutions and integrated scenarios on the way to retail management 4.0.
In doing so, he benefits from his straightforward and sometimes unconventional mindset to take things easy – and make things easy.